Flagship Summer Program


Courses are offered from intermediate-mid to advanced levels and are taught by professional instructors. All materials are presented in both traditional and simplified Chinese. Students may choose either traditional or simplified Chinese for their homework and tests.

  • Class Lecture
    • Small group of 5-6 students
    • Intensive instruction
  • Drill Class
    • Small group of 5-6 students
    • Consolidating daily vocabulary & sentence structures
    • Enhancing the fluency & accuracy in speaking
  • One-on-One
    • Individualized instruction for reading & listening
    • Developing narrative and descriptive speaking skills
    • Developing functional writing ability
  • Placement Testing
    • All students are required to take online reading & writing tests and an online oral assessment test. Students’ class placements will be determined by the online assessment tests.
  • Teaching Materials
    • Teaching Materials for each class will be selected based on student proficiency level. A variety of materials will be used in the program to extend the range of vicarious experience and allow the student to explore the knowledge independently through various topics.
    • Most of the teaching materials used throughout Training Centers in Taiwan use the teaching materials developed at MTC. Link: https://mtc.ntnu.edu.tw/eng/mtc-book.htm
  • Assessment
    • Dictation quizzes, weekly exams (written tests or oral presentations), and weekly essays/articles
    • Final Assignment: a written report and an oral presentation
    • Participation and attendance of all classes and program activities
  • Transcript, Credit and Grade Equivalencies
    • The grades on MTC’s transcript will appear as percentage grades. The grade equivalency and credit transfer will be determined by the student’s home institution.
    • After successfully completing the program, and with the concerns of COVID-19 and relevant border control measures, MTC will email an official scanned copy of the transcript to the student. The average processing time is 2-3 weeks.

Co-Curricular & Extracurricular Activities

MTC enforces immersive learning and cultural understanding by providing 48 hours of various activities for the 8 weeks program.
  • Co-Curricular Activities
    • Co-Curricular Activities feature Language Practicum and Cultural Immersion by including cultural classes, field trips, professional seminars, and company visits. (e.g. Chinese culinary, National Palace Museum, Tea Appreciation, etc.)
  • Extracurricular Activities
    • Extracurricular Activities feature the practical application of Chinese through lunch outing activities and language partner activities. (e.g. night markets, local food experience, short hiking or outing trips)