TOCFL Sprint online classes


TOCFL Sprint online classes

2024 TOCFL Sprint classes(listening and reading) Term2, Term3


To help you prepare for the TOCFL test, we have organized an online intensive TOCFL class, totaling 14 hours. Registration is now open. Details for registration are as follows:

  • 【第二期 Term 2】
  • 報名日期Registration date:~Mar. 8th
  • 付費日期Payment date:~Mar. 14th
  • 上課日期Class date:Mar. 26、27、28、29, Apr. 1、2、3
  • 課程時間Class time:每堂課50分鐘:18:30~20:20。
  • 【Term 3】
  • 報名日期Registration date:~Apr. 12th
  • 付費日期Payment date:~~Apr. 19th
  • 上課日期Class date:May 1、2、3、6、7、8、9
  • 課程時間Class time: 每堂課50分鐘:18:30~20:20。
    *2 class/ per class, 14 classes/ each session
    *Each lesson is 50 mins.

學費Tuition: NT$5600 ( including registration fee NT$600)

國語中心學生學費Tuition for MTC students:NT$5100( including registration fee NT$600)