Visa Information

  • Step 1: Apply for MTC seasonal programs

    Please log-in to the MTC's system and enroll. Once enrolled the MTC will send the admission letter to you via email,(if you need it to be sent to a relative or representative, please inform us beforehand), before each semester’s registration deadline.
  • Step 2. Apply for your ROC visa

    1. Sign up to Visa application system online, fill in the application form with your details. You must print the completed form, remembering to include the barcode provided.
    2. Visit your closest ROC embassy, consulate or representative agency Foreign affairs office to apply for your Visa.
    ✽ Required documents include:
    1. The original and a photocopy of MTC admission letter.
    2. The original and a photocopy of your study plan, describing your motive and plan for studying Chinese.
    3. The Visa application form including the barcode.
    4. The original and a photocopy of your financial statement (e.g. a proof of your bank account balance or foreign remittance.)
    5. The original and a photocopy of your passport Valid for at least 6 months and a full blank page in the passport for the VISA.
    6. Any documents demanded by visa officers.
  • Step 3. Apply for a visa at the ROC consulate in your country

    • Please apply for a Visitor Visa for the purpose of Studying Chinese.