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2021 3 Weeks Summer Camp and Academy Program


Language Exchange with NTNU local students (Apply online: Mar. 1 to Mar. 15)

A language exchange partner may be helpful when you encounter problems with schoolwork, when providing useful living information, helping you to better understand the Taiwanese culture...etc. After you have submitted the application form online, by the 31th of March. you will receive an e-mail with the results of your matching partner. You can meet up once a week (or less or more, according to your schedule) to interact. The language exchange program will be held only once every 3 months.

Registration for Free NTNU Credit Courses


2021 MTC Mandarian Summer Camp

2021 NTNU MTC Mandarian Summer Camp is online now!
(For students age 8 ~ 14 years old)

The program dates are:
session 1: 2021/6/21 ~ 7/16
session 2: 2021/7/19 ~ 8/13
The application period is from 2021/1/4~3/31 (GMT+8).

Please check the content to see the details of application process.

MTC Pronunciation Course

Through the professional guidance of experienced teachers in MTC, you can improve your pronunciation problems in a short time! MTC will provide pronunciation courses every Thursday from Jan.21,2021 to Feb.25,2021 Students who are learning Chinese are welcome to sign up!

Kids Mandarin Winter Camp Short-Term Program