MTC Pronunciation Course


MTC Pronunciation Course

1.Just started learning Chinese and want to have good pronunciation, but don't have time to practice?

2.When talking to Taiwanese friends, they always can't understand you and need to use google translate?

3.Have learned Chinese for a long time, but your pronunciation is still substandard and is often corrected your teachers or friends?

4.Want to know how are your pronunciation can improve? Want to know how to improve your pronunciation effectively?


If you have these problems, come join our pronunciation course!

Through the professional guidance of experienced teachers in MTC, you can improve your pronunciation problems in a short time!

MTC will provide pronunciation courses every Thursday from Jan.21,2021 to Feb.25,2021

Students who are learning Chinese are welcome to sign up!


【Course Dates】



【Course Time】

 Thursday *Choose One



※10 hours lesson &1 hour final presentation

※Presentation:February 25, 2021  16:20~17:20


【Registration Period】




①MTC Students

②Foreigners of above 18 years of age





【Class Size】

Class Size  is 6-8 people per class.


【Admission List Announcement&Payment Notice】


(With limited slots, registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registration does not guarantee admission to the class. Admitted applicants will be notified individually by e-mail before Dec 28.★★ For those who do not receive the email, it means that the slots have been full. If you wish to cancel registration for any reasons, please inform us no later than Jan 8.)


Students can get study hours  according to your attendance in the Pronunciation Course.


Come join us right now! 

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If you have any questions, please contact:

Krystal Chen 7749-5147

Christine Peng 7749-5139