2021 Fall-term Orientation


2021 Fall-term Orientation

秋季班新生說明會 Orientation

日期:2021年9月1日   September. 1st. 2021

時間:上午場 10:00~10:45 

                           下午場 14:00~14:45

l  上午場與下午場擇一參加即可



1.        上網查詢課表從9/1開始,請至以下連結查詢:http://service.mtc.ntnu.edu.tw/soc/
Class schedules are available online starting from Sep. 1st : 

2.        請注意換課期間為9/3 - 9/9。 

  Students who wish to change their classes can only do so within this period: Sep.3rd ~Sep.9th.

3.        新生說明會當天或於92日可在中心七樓購買教材,其他時間請至師大書苑

Textbooks are available on the 7th floor of the MTC building on orientation day & Sep.2nd  Afterwards please go to Lucky Bookstore (Address: 2F, No. 182-3, Sec. 1, Heping East Road, Taipei).

4.        簽證延長、學習等相關資訊,請參考國語中心學生手冊https://reurl.cc/rlpr7N
For information about visa extension and campus, please refer to MTC students guide book 

5.        校園出入口管制及體溫量測作業:
Cmpus entry access control and temperature checks

           (1)    圓書館校區僅保留大門。
Only the main gate on Main campus 1 & 2, will be opened.

           (2)    各出入口管制點仕行全天候實名制管制,並進行體溫量測作業。

Real-name system and temperature checks will be enforced at allentry point around the clock (including holidays),

           (3)    入校時須全程配戴口罩,並掃描檢查站QR CODE,並登錄體溫量測合格結果。
You must wear a mask and scan the QR CODE at the checkpoint when entering campus and register the result of your temperature check.