Seasonal Program

Tuition Fee (NTD)

Seasonal Classes Hours/Per Week Three-month Program Two-month Summer Session Single-month Program
Intensive A (6-9 students) 15 36,000 24,000 -
Regular A (6-10 students) 15 26,400 17,600 -
Intensive B (13~20 students) 15 28,800 19,200 -
Regular B (13~20 students) 15 21,600 14,400 -
Individual (1 student) 10 90,000 64,000 32,000
Individual (1 student) 8 72,000 51,200 25,600
Individual (1 student) 6 54,000 38,400 19,200
Individual (1 student) 4 36,000 25,600 12,800
Individual (1 student) 2 18,000 12,800 6,400

  1. Regular Class: 15 hours of instruction per week, including 10 hours of language class and 5 hours of Multi-task language training courses.
  2. Regular class students must take supplementary classes for an extra 5 hours a week.
  3. Single month programs are only available for 1-on-1 classes.
  4. Proof of enrollment is not issued to students enrolled in 1 on 1 classes with a duration that is less than 3 months or if class hours are below 10 hours a week.
  5. MTC also offers mini classes (2-4 students) for students who wish to form a class of their own. Applicants who are interested in forming one class should contact MTC for further information.
  6. Intensive B class is only for 14:20-17:10 PM period; Regular B class is only for 8:10-10:00 AM period.

Other Fees(NTD)

Item Amount Notes
New Student Registration Fee 1,000 Required of first-time registered students only. Not required of re-enrolling students.
Late Registration Fee 2,500 Required of students who register after the New Student Registration Days indicated on the Academic Calendar.
Mandatory Accidental Insurance Fee approx. NTD279/3-month NTD186/2-month Demanded by the Ministry of Education, it is compulsory for foreign students to be enrolled in a mandatory accidental insurance plan. The fee is waived for students who present a proof of coverage under other accidental insurance plans.
Textbooks and other study materials (estimated) approx. NTD 1,000 per term The exact amounts depend on the textbooks used in each class.

Refund Policy