MTC Online

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It's a real-time, 1-on-1 program taught by around 100 experienced MTC teachers.

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Study at home

You can apply and register anytime and pick a class time according to your personal needs.

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Customized program based on your needs, interests, level, and schedule.

Every teacher is experienced in teaching, and is trained for online teaching, ensuring you quality online classes.

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Multiple Platforms

Desktops, laptops, iOS or Android, as long as you have access to the internet, you can learn Chinese wherever you want!

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Speak Chinese whenever you feel like it!

Course Info
  • Application date: all year round Online Registration
  • Class hours: 20 hrs per package
  • Class size: 1-2
  • Class time: Available from 7am-11pm CST (GMT +8 hours)
  • Pronunciation system: Huanyu pinyin/Mandarin phonetic symbols (bopomofo)
  • Student Eligibility: For students above 8 years old and adults
Course Content
  1. Daily Chinese, Business Chinese, Chinese Coversation, Chinese Reading and Writing, Chinese News, MTC Online for Chidren
  2. Customized program: We will cutomize your class based on your needs and level.
20 hours per package:
  1. 1-on-1 Tutorial
    10 hrs NT$ 10,000 (around US$333)
    20 hrs NT$ 18,000 (around US$600)
    40 hrs NT$ 35,500 (around US$1,183)
    60 hrs NT$ 53,000 (around US$1,767)
  2. Group of 2 Students
    10 hrs NT$ 7,100 (around US$237)
    20 hrs NT$ 12,900 (around US$430)
    40 hrs NT$ 24,510 (around US$817)
    60 hrs NT$ 34,830 (around US$1,161)