Visa Information


The following information on visas is for reference only. For further details or updated information on visa regulations, please contact the nearest ROC embassy, consulate or representative agency, or visit Please be sure you understand the rules and regulations regarding visas before you leave your country.
1. How to apply for a visa? What type of visas should I apply for?
Students should apply and present the MTC admission letter to the nearest ROC embassy, consulate, or representative agency for a visitor visa. Admission letters are only valid for the term applied for. Be sure to apply for a visitor visa specifying study at the MTC (visa code: FR.)
2. How long can I stay on a visitor visa?
Usually, FR visas allow holders to remain in Taiwan for 60 or 90 days. Extendable visas may be extended for a maximum stay of up to 180 days. If visas are non- extendable or when no further extensions are granted, the holders must leave Taiwan to obtain a new visa.
3. My country is on the list of 30-days visa exempt countries. Can I come to study without applying for a visa?
As a 30-day visa-exempt entry is not extendable, students must leave Taiwan to apply for a new visa from abroad after the visa exemption period expires. For students’ convenience, we do not recommend students to come to Taiwan on 30-day visa-exempt entry since a regular term at MTC lasts for 3 months.
4. My country is on the list of 90-days visa exempt countries. Can I come to study without applying for a visa?
As 90-days visa-exempt entry allows students enough time to complete one term’s study with MTC, it is possible to come to Taiwan without applying for a visa. However, you may miss a few days of class depending on the date of your entry, please consult MTC's calendar before making your travel plans. Make sure your passport has at least 6-months of validity upon entry. You must also present a confirmed seat reservation for departure to the immigration officers.
Attention: 90-days visa-exempt entry is not extendable (except for UK & Canada citizens,) students must leave Taiwan and enter again if they wish to continue their studies. If you plan to study in Taiwan for a longer period of time and do not wish to leave Taiwan every 90 days, we still recommend that you obtain an extendable visa before coming to Taiwan.
5. My visa will EXPIRE just a few days before the last day of class. Can I still extend my visa to complete my study?
If the expiration date is not far away from the last day of class, students may apply for an extension for a short grace period (usually no more than 10 days) so they can complete their study and leave Taiwan without applying for a new visa. However, please note that only the Immigration Agency holds the authority to grant/deny extensions.
6. I want to study for three terms or longer. How can I stay longer without having to leave the country?
Students who have studied in the MTC for 4 months consecutively and have never left Taiwan during the period can apply for a resident visa if they wish to study for three terms or more. With a resident visa, they may apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC). Please note that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sometimes requires a guarantor before a resident visa can be issued. MTC does not act as a guarantor for any student.
7. How to apply for a resident visa for language studies?
Please submit the following items to the Bureau of Consular Affairs to apply for a resident visa:
  1. Certificate of Enrollment (must include Enrollment for the next term also)
  2. Certificate of Attendance
  3. Resident Visa Application Form
  4. Financial Statement (the equivalent value of NT$ 80,000 at minimum)
  5. Study Plan
  6. Passport (original& photocopy)
  7. Two 2-inch photos
  8. Application Fee (NT$3,000 to 4,000)
  9. Health Check Result
It takes 2 weeks to process the application. To Avoid your visitor visa expiring before your resident visa application is granted, you must submit your resident visa application one month before your visitor visa expires.
8. I am admitted to an undergraduate/postgraduate degree program. Can change my visa for language studies to a resident visa for degree studies?
If you have a visitor visa for language studies and want to change it to a resident visa for degree studies, you need to submit the following 10 items to Bureau of Consular Affairs:
  1. University's admission letter
  2. Certificate of Enrollment & Certificate of Attendance issued by the language center
  3. Student ID of the language center
  4. Resdient Visa Application Form
  5. Two 2-inch passport photos (the color of the background must be white)
  6. The original and a photocopy of your passport
  7. The original and a photocopy of Health Check Result
  8. Financial Statement( an equivalent value of NT$150,000 at minimum)
  9. The original and a photocopy of diploma of highest degree, accompanied by the original and a photocopy of translation notarized by a Taiwan consulate
  10. Notice for registration and tuition payment issued by the university
9. I am studying in another language center. Can I transfer to the MTC next term?
Yes. You need to apply and register in the MTC first. Then, take:
  1. Certificate of Enrollment issued by your current language center
  2. Record of Attendance issued by your current language center
  3. Certificate of Enrollment issued by the MTC
  4. Admission Letter issued by the MTC
in order to change the language center stated on your visa at the National Immigration Agency.
10. Can I take a part-time job if I stay in Taiwan on a visa for language studies?
Students who have studied in a language center for one year and have an ARC can apply for a part-time work permit. Foreigners who don't have a work permit cannot work in Taiwan. To apply for a work permit, MTC students must go to Office 709 to apply for MTC's approval to apply for a work permit. After obtaining the approval, submit your application to the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training. Working hours for part-time work permit holders cannot exceed 20 hours per week.
11. Can I apply for a one years worth of classes then apply for a visa?
No, MTC's academic terms are only 3-months long, and you can only apply for one term (or 2-month summer session) each time. Applicants can use the admission letter to apply for a 60- or 90-days extendable visitor visa for language studies. If you would like to study for more than one term, please pay for the next term's tuition fee at the end of the current term. Please extend your visa two weeks to one month before your period of stay is reached.
12. I already studied Chinese in Taiwan for 2 years. If I want to continue studying, can I extend my ARC?
ARCs for language studies can only be extended for up to 2 years. After the period of stay reaches 2 years, you need to leave the country, and re-apply for another visitor visa for language studies with the documents issued by the language center and other required documents. Whether your visa application is approved is at the discretion of the Taiwan consulates.
13. I just resigned from my job, can I change my ARC for employment to an ARC for language studies?
No, you cannot change your visa to a different purpose of stay in Taiwan. You need to leave Taiwan and take:
  1. MTC's admission letter
  2. Other documents for visa application
in order to apply for a visitor visa for language studies (visa code: FR) in a Taiwan consulates overseas.