MTC 華語說唱藝術比賽


MTC 華語說唱藝術比賽

2017 MTC華語說唱藝術比賽


Ø   目的:提昇外籍學員的中文程度,加強學生中文演說表達能力。

Ø   比賽日期:20171020(星期五) 下午230~530

Ø   比賽地點:504演講廳

Ø   參賽組別: 將分為「繞口令」組及「說唱藝術」組。

Ø   參賽資格:師大國語中心學員或師大外籍學生

1.      「繞口令」組:限當代中文課程()學生參加,請自行準備1~2分鐘(至少3)的繞口令。

2.      「說唱藝術」組:可組隊參加,不限中文程度及表演形式(數來寶、詩歌朗誦、詩詞吟唱、相聲、中文RAP),請自行準備3~4分鐘的說唱表演。

Ø   報名日期:94~1013日。請至601辦公室報名。

Ø   評分標準:



Ø   獎勵:







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2017 MTC Chinese Narrating and Singing Art Competition


Ø   Goal: Improve students’ Chinese proficiency and enhance their ability to express themselves in Chinese.

Ø   Date: 2:30~5:30 p.m., October 20 (Friday), 2017

Ø   Location: R504

Ø   Contest Categories: “Tongue Twisters” and “Narrating and Singing Art”

Ø  Qualification of Contestants: MTC students or NTNU international students

1.      Tongue Twisters: Reserved for students in the classes of A Course in Contemporary Chinese Vol.1. Contestants must prepare at least three sets of tongue twisters (the duration of each set is 1-2 minutes.)

2.      Narrating and Singing Art: Students may team up to compete in the competition. No requirements are set on Chinese proficiency levels and performance formats (rhythmic storytelling, poetry recitation, poetry chanting, Chinese crosstalk or Chinese rap is acceptable). Contestants must prepare a performance at the duration of 3 to 4 minutes

Ø   Application period: September 4th to October 13th . Sign up at Office 601.

Ø  The grading standards:

   Tongue twister: Pronunciation (40%), Content and Fluency (40%), Posture (20%)

  Narrating and Singing Art: Content and Performance Skill (40%), Expression (30%), Posture (20%), Time Control (10%)

Ø    Prizes:

Tongue Twisters: Two Merit Awards. NT$1000 and an award certificate for each winner.

    Narrating and Singing Art:

1st Place: 5,000 NTD, an award certificate and a medal

2nd Place: 4,000 NTD, an award certificate and a medal

3rd Place: 3,000 NTD and an award certificate and a medal

Consolation Prize1 or 2 winners. A MTC souvenir and an award certificate will be awarded.

    * The competition will be cancelled if less than 10 contestants (or teams) sign up for each category.

Ø   Notes:

Deposit: NT$200 (will be returned upon attending the competition)

Contestants should arrive at R504 before 14:10 p.m. on Oct. 20th to register and take number cards (which indicate the order of their performances).

The cash prizes listed above will be taxed up to 20% according to tax regulations for foreigners in Taiwan

The competition has no level requirements. 3 hour’ supplementary hours are given to students who enter the contests. All MTC students are welcome to join.

2 hours’ supplementary hours are given to students who watch the competition. Welcome to cheer for the contestants on October 20th .