當代中文課程 APP 第3冊正式上架囉!

當代中文課程 APP 第3冊正式上架囉!

如果您已經下載 MTC DangDai Chinese 當代中文課程 APP,只需要到 APP Store 更新即可。這次,我們也一同更新了新的版面以符合iPhone X, iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max。


APP提供第1冊前3課免費試用,您可以在 iPhone/iPad 學習中文。你可以直接在 APP store 搜尋 "當代中文課程",就可以下載囉。https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1256852400

Android 即將上市,敬請期待。


DangDai APP book 3 is released now!

If you have already downloaded the DangDai Chinese app, please go to APP Store to update the app . This time, we also upward compatible with iPhone X, iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max.

The most professional app to learn Mandarin Chinese!

Now get DangDai to study Chinese on your iPhone/iPad. Learn the first three lessons FREE and fully functional. You can simply use keywords "DangDai Chinese" search in APP store. https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1256852400

Android APP is coming soon, please expecting!

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